Lightroom Verifier

Protecting 75000+ images/videos and counting

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Don't let your Lightroom files fall victim to silent corruption


Verifier runs in the background, carefully optimized to not interrupt your workflow

Noisy when needed

Verifier will alert you if it finds a corrupted file, giving you time to restore from a backup or prevent you backing up a bad file over a good one

Works on any Lightroom file

Unlike Lightroom's built-in validation feature, Verifier works on any Lightroom file — not just DNGs!

Automatic Protection

Verifier can be configured to run when Lightroom starts up

Works with Lightroom 4.1+

Verifier doesn't require any additional programs. Start monitoring your files with two clicks, and forget about it

Free to use

Verifier's Basic version is free to use — and if you try it out in beta, keep the Advanced version as thanks for helping!